How to install FASTPANEL®


In order to install FASTPANEL®, a virtual (VPS) or dedicated server with root access is required.  The panel can only be installed on a clean operating system without any preinstalled software. Supported operating systems are as follows:


 Debian: 8,  9, 10, 11


  Ubuntu: 18.04, 20.04


  CentOS: 7


 AlmaLinux: 8


 Rocky Linux: 8


After one of the supported OS is installed, it is necessary to perform following actions:


1. Connect to the server via SSH using root-password:

ssh root@your.server
2. If wget isn't installed in the OS, execute the following commands in order to install it:
Debian / Ubuntu:
apt-get update; apt-get install wget
CentOS / AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux:
yum makecache; yum install wget
3. Run a FASTPANEL installation process by executing the following command:
wget -O - | bash -
4. After FASTPANEL has been installed, you will get a message with the access data

Congratulations! FASTPANEL® successfully installed and available for you at 
Login: fastuser
Password: password
5. Upon the first login FASTPANEL will ask for a license, in order to get one enter your email address. The license data will be sent to that email.