Adding new mailboxes



FASTPANEL® lets you adding mailboxes for both new and existing sites.

Creating a mailboxes

To create a new mailbox go to “Settings” → “Mail” and click “New mailbox”. Fill inall required fields:


* Login– email account name. If your email address should look you only need to enter “test” in this field


* Password – enter your password or generate it automatically by clicking “generate”


* Quota(MB) - the maximum size in megabytes of the contents of the mailbox. If the value is set to zero, the mailbox size is not limited


*Aliases –alternative names for a specific email account.An email sent to alias will be received by original mailbox.You can set m ultiple aliases for one email account.


* Redirects (optional field) – if a redirect is set for the account, emails sent to main address will be automatically redirected to the specified address in this field. You can set Multiple redirects for one email account.


NB: Do not forget to click “Add” after entering an address in Aliases and Redirects fields before clicking Save.

How to enter your email accounts


There are two ways to enter your email account:

1. Directly via Roundcube

Click “Open Roundcube Web client” and enter your login and password in the opened window.
NB: in “Login” field enter a full name of your email account. For example if your email address is enter in the “Login” field.

2. Instant access

Click the corresponding icon in the line of your email account:

By using this feature you willopen your email account in Roundcube without the need to enter your access data. Instant access to Rainloop application is not supported.


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