Creating backup plans by the example of using Dropbox


FASTPANEL® supports creating backup copies by using different protocols (SCP and FTP) and support Dropbox cloud storage.

Creating a backup account

First of all you need to create a backup account. Go to “Settings” → “Backup copies” and click “New

  1. In the opened modal window enter account name
  2. In the “Type” drop-down menu choose “dropbox”
  3. Enter the email address your Dropbox account is registered to
  4. Click “link for getting code”

By clicking the link you will be redirected to “Dropbox” application authorization page. To connect account you will have to sign up or sign in.

After signing in your Dropbox account you will need to allow FASTPANEL® to access your Dropbox folder to Dropbox will generate a unique code. Copy the code and paste it to the corresponding field in the panel and click “Save” button.

Backup plan creation

After backup account is created, you need to create a “Backup plan”.

  1. Go to “Backup plans” tab
  2. Click “New plan”
  3. In the opened modal window fill in all fields

Note that daily plan will create a new copy daily and replace the copy older than three days.

Backup schedule

If necessary, you can set any convenient backup periodicity.
Note: It is better to schedule backup at a time when the load on your server is minimal, because backup creation process generates additional load at your server.
You can use one of the default schedules:

  • Yearly.Backup copies will be created every year on June 16 at 20:12
  • Monthly. Backup copies will be created every 19 th day of each month at 13:34
  • Weekly. Backup copies will be created every saturday at 03:45
  • Daily.Backup copies will be created daily at 08:22 AM

Backup periodicity can be set manually by using cron syntax. To manually set periodicity click “Configure” above the “Frequency” field.For example you need your backups to be created every Tuesday and Thursday at 02:35 AM. In “Hours” and “Minutes” set the required time to start backups.

Save the schedule and then save the plan.

Note that “Type” field value will be changed to “Custom (35 2 * * 2,4)”. It means that backup is scheduled to run every Tuesday and Thursday at 02:35 AM.