Database servers management

FASTPANEL can manage local database servers as well as external ones.


To go to the databases management page click the “Database servers” button in the Databases management menu.


To connect a local database server go to the “Database servers management” menu in the Databases management menu.


In the new window click the “Add” button and fill out the fields as follows:

  • Name - server alias that will be displayed in the databases creation menu;
  • Server type - connection type (MySQL or PostgreSQL);
  • Username - a user to connect to the databases server;
  • Password - user password to connect to the database server.
  • Use by default - by selecting this option, a new database server will be used by default when creating new databases;

More information on how to connect external database servers can be found here

Database server settings management


Upon initial MySQL or PostgreSQL, the control panel uses default settings for database servers that can be changed with the “Configure” button on the Database servers management page in the “Actions” section.


In the opened window you can specify database server settings or change the setting value to default.


Database server settings management is only possible for local database servers.

Where can I find the local MySQL server root password?


When MySQL is installed MySQL root password is stored in /root/.my.cnf file on your server.

The file can be accessed via SSH or SFTP. File /root/.my.cnf is not available from FASTPANEL.