Database management

FASTPANEL® allows you to manage the most popular database management systems: MySQL and PostgreSQL. 

How to select a MySQL version during FASTPANEL® installation?


MySQL is installed by default on the server along with FASTPANEL®.

There is an option to choose a specific MySQL version to be installed along with the control panel.

Prior to FASTPANEL® installation, you need to check which versions are supported by your operating system.


It can be done by executing the following commands:

bash --help


The list of available MySQL versions will appear in the “Available versions” line.

Afterward, you can specify the MySQL version or fork.


Below is the example to install FASTPANEL with MySQL 5.7:


bash -m mysql5.7


How to install PostgreSQL.


PostgreSQL installation is available from the Applications menu.

This section shows the list of available PostgreSQL versions for installation and you can also install phpPgAdmin.


Databases management


To get to the Databases Management menu open the Side Menu → Databases

How to create a database?

Click “New database” and fill out to following fields in the new window:

  • Database name
  • Server - specifies the database server to create a database on;
  • User (Login) - MySQL user to connect to the database. A new user is created by default but you can choose from existing users;
  • Owner - control panel user that has a privilege to manage the database;
  • Site - specifies the site to connect the database with. If the site will be deleted, the connected database will be deleted as well;
  • Character set - specifies the character set to show the data. UTF-8 is set by default;
  • Password - password for the MySQL user to connect to the database;

How to change database password?

To change the database password click on the user icon in front of the database. On the new page, you will see the list of users that have access to the selected database. Select the user you need to change the password for and click “Edit”.

How to delete a database?

Deleting a database is performed from the database management menu with the help of the “Delete” button in the “Actions” section.


phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin.


FASTPANEL® allows you to install phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin to manage databases. This software has a web-interface to administrate databases where you can see the structure and contents of the database and also run an SQL query. Both programs can be installed from the “Applications” menu.