Analyzing site logs to audit its work and use the statistics for various purposes.

FASTPANEL® has a special module to view access and error site logs and AWStats log analyzer module



To setup log options:

  1. Go to a site card
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Open “Log settings” menu

In this menu you can:

  • Enable/disable site access logging
  • Enable/disable logging of site errors
  • Choose the number of log files stored after rotation
  • Site logs rotation periodicity

How to view site logs?


To view site logs open “Logs” section in the site card.

This section contains frontend and backend access and error logs. Each log has its own tab

  • Frontend access log (Nginx)
  • Frontend error log (Nginx)
  • Backend access log (Apache, PHP-FPM)
  • Backend error log (Apache, PHP-FPM)

Is there any tool to work with statistics?


FASTPANEL® has a special application that analyses logs access logs and generate reports. After AWStats is installed via the “Applications” menu, “AWSTATS” tab will appear in “Logs” section.

This tab allows to enable or disable the periodic reports generation. When enabled, reports will be generated every 6 hours. After a report is generated it can be opened.


Report generation can also be executed manually

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