Database management

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By using “Database management module” of FASTPANEL® you can setup databases and manage database users as well get instant access to web application phpMyAdmin without the need to enter login and password.

How to create and connect a databases

If required you can create additional databases in “Settings” → “Databases” section. In order to do that click “New database”.

In the opened modal window do the following:


Enter a new database name

  1. If required, select a different character set.
  2. Select an owner of your database
  3. Create a new database user by entering a desired user name or use an existing user
  4. Generate or set your own password
  5. Select a site you wish to connect your new database to

After everything is set – click “Save” button.


NB: If you are creating a new user – do not forget to save its access data as the data will be hidden after database is created. Database “Owner” is a FASTPANEL® user that will have access to the created database and is not a database user

Now the database will be listed in the “Databases” section of your site card. Database management module also supports instant access to databases via phpMyAdmin web-application without the need to enter login and password.


To get instant access to phpMyAdmin go to “Databases” in your site card and click PMA icon in the “Actions” column.


Note that “PHPMYADMIN” button will simply open web-application at the address https://your-ip-address:8888/phpmyadmin/ where you will have to enter your access data.

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