Disk quota



Disk Quota is a feature that helps to limit disk usage for each user.


Linux OS has special tools to limit disk usage for specific users and groups.

How to setup disk quota?


To control Disk Quota in FASTPANEL it is required to install Quota application. When using a virtual server it is required to note your virtualization system type. Some of them, like OpenVZ, requires additional settings on the host server.


You can set up a disk quota for a user in the user creation wizard or in the website creation wizard on user creation stage.

Setting up Disk Quota on a user creation stage


Disk quota can be specified in the User Creation Wizard in the Quota field.

  1. Go to “Side menu” → “Settings” → “Users”
  2. Click “New User” button
  3. In the “Quota” field specify maximum disk space available for the user files

“0” value means no limit.

Changing Disk Quota value


To change Disk Quota value:

  1. Go to “Side menu” → “Settings” → “Users”.
  2. Click “Edit”
  3. Set the desired value in the corresponding field.

Setting Disk Quota in the website creation wizard


On a user creation stage, the second step, if “New” was chosen” in the Site Owner field, an option to set Disk Quota will become available.

How often does it check the amount of space used by a user?


Disk space usage is being checked instantly. OS will not allow a user to upload more than it was allowed.

What to do if there are errors with Disk Quota?


In this case, you simply need to run Quota recalculation:

  1. Go to “Side menu” → “Settings” → “Users”
  2. Click “Recalculate quotas”
  3. Confirm quota recalculation

It is required to note that quota recalculation can increase the load on the disk subsystem and, as a result, the whole server.

Technical features of Disk Quotas


For Disk Quotas to work usrjquota=aquota.user и grpjquota=aquota.group params are specified in /etc/fstab

aquota.user and aquota.group files are created in root partitions.

To check quota statisctis

To view disk quota statistics run the following command in the terminal:


repquota -au


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