How to create an FTP-account



FTP-account is an account to work via FTP – File Transfer Protocol.
By having an FTP login and password you can connect to your server, browse, edit and upload files to
your website.

Creating an FTP-account

To create an FTP-account go to “Settings” → “FTP” and click “New account”. In the opened window
enter desired Login and Password in the corresponding fields.


NB: In the field “Privileges” you can allow only browsing files for the new user without having a privilege to edit or upload files. In order to do that choose “Read only” option in the “Priveleges” field.

In the field “Site” choose the site you are creating an FTP access to. “Home directory” field can be left intact. Then click “Save” and you will be able to connect to your server via FTP by using the data entered in “Login” and “Password” fields. 





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