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To open “Site setting” open a site card first and then select “Settings” menu.

Настройки сайта

“Site settings” has several submenus:

This menu also contains “Delete site” button which removes the site and all related data (files, domains, certificates, databases etc.)

Let’s have a closer look on each section

Main settings


This submenu includes general site settings:

  • Enable/disable a site
  • Enable/disable temporary link usage.
  • Domain
  • Administrator email address
  • Site encoding
  • IP-address, the site will be available at
  • Site aliases

main site settings



This menu contains management tools to make your site work via HTTPS protocol. If a certificate is specified in “SSL certificate field” additional options will appear:

  • HTTPS redirect - this option makes all requests redirected to HTTPS with 301 code.
  • HSTS - this option sends при включении данного параметра сервер отправляет Strict-Transport-Security, header that forces browser to use HTTPS connection only
  • HTTP2 - enabling the second version of HTTP protocol



This submenu contains redirect setting for incoming requests to the site:

  • The main site mirror - when enabled requests will be redirected from aliases to the name specified
  • Auto subdomains - this section will be described in details later

Site directory


This submenu includes site directory settings:

  • Index page: this option specifies a page to show upon request to the site. Several pages can be specified.
  • Root directory - specifies a root directory to use for the site. Can not be changed
  • Subdirectory - specifies the site if it needs to operate from non-root directory.

PHP Settings


This submenu includes options for PHP scripts processing by the web server:

  • Enable/disable PHP scripts processing
  • PHP mode
  • PHP version (can be changed only for a specific PHP modes)
  • Worker amount - specified for PHP-FPM mode only

 Read more in Can I change PHP mode for a site?


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